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MLB1 DH Multi-Scale Quicksand

I've been fortunate enough to have played and recorded many basses over the years and from that I have built a long list of all the things that I believe to make a great sounding and playing bass.

When I was offered the chance to design these basses with Chapman Guitars I was first shocked as it was something I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do. I realised that this wasn't just an opportunity to make a typical 'signature model bass', but an opportunity to see if it was possible to build a bass that incorporated all the notes from my list.

Setting out on this venture I knew that trying to incorporate it all in one bass might not work. So it has been a long process of constant refinement but I'm incredibly proud to say that I truly believe that what we have created is exactly what I set out to do... to create the perfect bass.

The ergonomic shape, the feel of the neck, the tone and tuning stability of the woods, the powerful electronics and a killer look!

I'v always been a 4-string player and so the MLB1 DH is home for me but often the music I play finds me needing that extended range of a 5-string. So the addition of the fan fret version gives us exactly that; 26 Multi-scale frets allows the scale length necessary to delve in the to the 5-string world with all the feel of a 4-string.

To say I'm proud is an understatement - these basses are one of my best accomplishments to date and I can't thank the guys at Chapman Guitars enough for making this a reality.

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Dave Hollingworth

Chapman ML1BFF DH Quicksand - Dave Hollingworth fanned fret MLB1FF DH MLB1FF DH